Our History

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Ob/Gyn Associates of Holland began as the solo practice of Dale Dykema, MD in 1973. The practice was originally located on the north side of Holland on James Street. There were two exam rooms and a small lab area. Care was taken to be sure that all necessary equipment was present including a very modern Selectric IBM typewriter! At one point in time, Dr. Dykema discovered that there was no fixative in the office for his pap smear slides. The fixative of choice back then was AquaNet hairspray. Fortunately there was a hair salon next door. He sent his only employee over to borrow a can and business continued as usual that day.

Over the years there were a couple of additional moves to the south side of town near the hospital. Ultimately Dr. Puzycki joined the practice in 1993 followed by Dr. Gerard in 1995 and Dr. Lenters in 1999. During that time our current building on the south side was designed and built. Dr. Dykema took on the task of design. When he presented the first draft to the group, Dr. Puzycki suggested that it might be more efficient to have the clinical work completed on both ends of the building. Dr. Dykema (knowing that his idea was best) went back to the drawing board and laid out the office as Dr. Puzycki had suggested. Of course the changes were vastly superior and this concept was happily accepted and implemented. When Dr. Kraker joined the practice in 2003, the current north side office was opened. Over time, she was followed by Dr. Gootjes in 2006 and Dr. Krause in 2008. The latest addition, Dr. Palmer, joined in 2014.

Dr. Dykema retired in 2008 after an amazing 35 years practicing medicine in Holland. During his years in practice he was passionate about helping others in the Holland area. His passion was passed down to every physician that followed. A part of his legacy is a long and proud history of caring for the under-served and others in need.